Charity OP – Saturday, September 14, 2019

Charity OP – Saturday, September 14, 2019


When – Saturday, September 14, 2019
Time – 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM
Cost – $55 per person – $45 if you pre-registrar good through 9/13/2019 at 9:00PM

$10 of each entry fee will be donated to the Jarrettsville Manor Memorial VFW Post 8672. Our goal is to raise $2000 or more through entry fees and raffle ticket sales. Let’s make it happen!

• Registration and Chrono – 8:00AM
• Mandatory Safety Brief – 9:30PM (It is important that everyone be at the game ON TIME and registered and chronoed before the safety brief so we can go over the ground rules and make sure everyone understands the rules and safety precautions.)

10:00AM – Teams head to respawns
10:15AM – First Half Starts
12:30PM – First Half Ends

12:30PM – Lunch Break (use this time to strategize)

2:00PM – Teams head to respawns
2:15PM – First Half Starts
4:00PM – First Half EndsPM – Teams head to respawns

4:00PM – Giveaways/Raffles

• Dead Rags REQUIRED (Available for $1)
• Full seal ANSI rated goggles & full mouth, face, and ears protection (like the mesh iron lower face masks) for players 18+ of age
• Players under 18 must wear a full unmodified paintball mask (rentals available)
• Minimum engagement distance =15 Feet
• No BB requirements!

FPS Limits:
• Automatic Weapons – 400 FPS w/ .20g BB (Minimum Engagement Distance of 15 feet)
• DMR – 450 FPS w/ .20g BB (Minimum Engagement Distance of 50 feet)
• Bolt Action Sniper Rifles – 500 FPS w/ .25g BB (Minimum Engagement Distance of 100 feet)

Rental Information:
Anyone who needs rentals will need to reserve them before the day of the game so we can get prepared! YOU NEED TO RESERVE YOUR GUN AT LEAST 1 WEEK PRIOR TO THE EVENT, THERE WILL LIKELY NOT BE ANY AVAILABLE IF YOU DO NOT RESERVE A RENTAL!!!

========== MISSIONS ==========


A group of allied forces have crash landed in Robinhood, and are in need of immediate evac. A high profile Terrorist Leader and his followers have captured the downed allies. They are somewhere on the village side of the road. Both teams start across the creek, one on the far right and one on the far left.  The teams are given coordinates to locate some Intel as to where the Leader is located.

Once the Leader has been captured he must be taken to the tower. The Leader will only have a pistol as their weapon and once players get inside a certain area they are allowed to shoot and be shot at by the Leader and his followers.  Make sure you stay on your toes there may be some twists along the way.


Both teams must capture the Terrorist Leader, and save the captured allies. Bring the captured terrorist leader to the Tower, safely and alive, for interrogation.


  • Starting Points – D3 and B8 – a coin flip will determine which side your team starts on.
  • Terrorist Leader
    • The Leader has 3 followers that also have the ability to shoot players.
    • The Leader and the 3 followers will have balloons tied to them.  Once the 4 balloons are shot they lose their ability to shoot back.  The Leader then must be physically captured and taken to the Tower.
    • Once the Leader is captured if he is left unattended by the capturing team he is now active again and can be recaptured by the other team.  If this happens, the Leader must remain in his last place until he is recaptured.
  • Allies – The 3 allies will become players of the team who first captures the Leader.
  • Respawns
    • Respawns = I7, G10 and G5.5 – These can be used by any team.
    • Once a player makes it inside the Leader’s 50 foot radius if they get shot Orange Team will respawn at L3 and Green Team will respawn at L7.  Players will have to wait for 45 seconds before returning to the game.  These respawns can be used by any player of that team, they do not have to be shot by the terrorist to use the respawn.
    • Respawns are touch and go. Don’t stand around the respawn unless you are okay with getting shot at constantly.  You CANNOT shoot from the respawn.

Side Mission:

A loan Ally was separated from the group and is badly injured.  He knows where the rest of the group is but it’s taking him a long time to get there.  Find the Ally and you get 5 raffle tickets.  The Ally will be hiding somewhere in J5/6 through K5/6.  He will be designated by a blue vest and will be in the playing area for the first half.

Second Half or Once the Leader is captured: 

  • If a team captures the Leader in the 1st half of the game but does not get him to the Tower then at the start of the 2nd half the team that captured the Leader will start with 10 players at their last location with the Leader.  We will switch starting points for the second half.
  • If a team completes the entire mission in the 1st half then the Leader will now be moved to the Doll House and Teams will start at I2 and M6.  The winning team of the 1st half will choose their starting location.  There will be no shooting by the Leader this time, just capture the Leader and take him to the Helicopter for exfil.

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