1. How old do you have to be to play at Robinhood Paintball?

You have to be 10 years old to play at Robinhood Paintball.

2. What type of clothing should you wear when you play paintball?

We suggest that you wear clothes you do not mind getting dirty. The paint is washable, but you are playing outside. Also, dress in layers, that way you have extra protection if you want it. The baggier the clothing the better, because the paintballs will get caught in the fabric. And finally, a baseball hat and gloves are suggested.

3. Does it hurt when you get hit?

Well, it can hurt when you get hit. It all depends on where you get hit and how far away you were for the other player when you got hit. The pain generally only lasts for a few seconds.

4. How many paintballs do people usually use?

We average 800 paintballs per person for about a four hour time period.

5. How long can you play for?

At Robinhood Paintball we do not give you a time limit, as long as you have paint you are more then welcome to play. Four hours is our average amount of time people spend at Robinhood Paintball.

6. Can you bring food and drinks to Robinhood Paintball?

You can bring food and drinks to Robinhood Paintball. We have picnic tables and spools for use. We also have various pizza places that deliver and drinks and snacks available for sale (proceeds support the American Cancer Society).

7. Does Robinhood Paintball have picnic tables and covered areas?

We do have picnic tables and most of our staging area is covered with tents.

8. Can I come by myself to play or do I need to come with a group?

At Robinhood Paintball, you can come as an individual to play paintball or with a group.  When you come by yourself or with less than 10 people, you are considered walk-ons and you play with all the other walk-ons that are there that day.  If you have a group of 10 or more you must make a reservation.  When you have a group, of 10 or more, you have your own referee and you play with just your group.

9. What happens if there is inclement weather?

The only time we stop play is if there is thunder and lightning.  We resume play once the thunder and lightning has passed.  The only time we are closed is if there is too much snow for us to make it in.  If you have a reservation and would like to reschedule due to the chance of inclement weather you must do so within 48 hours.

10. Does Robinhood Paintball have night games?

We do not offer night games for paintball because we do not have lighting for this type of event.  We do hold special night events for airsoft you can find more about them on our events page.

11. Is Robinhood Paintball open Monday through Friday?

We are not open Monday through Friday.  We are open Saturday 9-5 and Sunday 11-5 regardless of holidays that fall on a weekday or school closings due to holidays.  We do accommodate private groups of 10 or more Monday though Friday.

12. Is Robinhood Paintball open year round?

Robinhood paintball is open year round.  We are only closed on the following holidays:

    • New Years Day if they fall on a Saturday or Sunday
    • Easter Sunday
    • Mother’s Day
    • Father’s Day
    • July 4th if it falls on a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday
    • Christmas Eve if it falls on a Saturday or Sunday
    • Christmas Day if it falls on a Saturday or Sunday