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Sat, Apr 06


Robinhood Paintball

HEIST 2.0 -Airsoft OP

Bringing back a classic from 2018! Find the clues to locate the digits to unlock the bank, the team that steas the most gold wins. Will your team steal the most gold?

Registration is Closed
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HEIST 2.0 -Airsoft OP
HEIST 2.0 -Airsoft OP

Time & Location

Apr 06, 2024, 8:30 AM – 5:30 PM

Robinhood Paintball, 2429 Old Robinhood Rd, Havre De Grace, MD 21078, USA

About the Event


$50 per person – $40 if you pre-registrar good through 4/5/2024 at 8:00PM


Find the combination to unlock Elite Force Bank.

  • The 3 numbers to the combination lock will be hidden around the playing field. Each team will be provided with coordinates of the location to find the first number. Once your team finds the first number you will receive a clue to find the second number. Find the second number and you will receive a clue to find the third number.
  • Once your team has all three numbers for the combination, you will have to put them in the correct order to open the lock. You have 6 possibilities.

Be the team to secure the most gold at the end of the game.

  • Elite Force Bank is now unlocked. Take as much gold back to your team’s hideout as you can.
  • You can onlycarry 3 gold bars at a time. You will have 30 seconds inside the bank each time you enter.
  • If you get shot while carrying gold back to your hideout you must drop the gold where you were hit.
  • If you enter a respawn area with gold the referee will take if from you and return it to the bank.

Keep watch over your gold. Don’t let the other team steal the gold from your hideout. You can only steal 3 gold bars at a time.

Secret Side Missions:

Federal Reserve Helicopter

  • A Federal Reserve helicopter lost a load of gold as it was going down after being hijacked.
  • Ammo canisters containing gold bars fell out of the helicopter as it was going down.
  • Locate the canisters throughout the playing area and take them back to your hideout.
  • This is an ongoing side mission played throughout the course of the day by all players.

Brinks Delivery Truck

  • Hi-Jack the Brinks Delivery truck for their gold. This gold cannot be stolen by the other team.
  • This secret side mission will be done in groups of 6, three times for each team in each half. Anyone who wants to participate can.
  • The delivery truck has a driver, a shooter, and a balloon you must first pop before you can hijack the gold. You will have 3 minutes to pop the balloon.
  • You cannot shoot the driver or the shooter, your objective is to pop the balloon.
  • If you get shot by the Brinks shooter you must go tag the gold deposit bucket before you can continue shooting the balloon.
  • Once you pop the balloon you will have 30 seconds to steal as much gold as you can and return it to the gold deposit bucket.

More Details:

Respawns - 

  • White box with pink “x” and a pink stick – if what you are standing by does not look like this you are NOT at a respawn.
  • Respawns are touch and go. Don't stand around the respawn unless you are okay with getting shot at constantly. You CANNOTshoot from the respawn. You must be outside of the 30-foot radius before you resume play.

Team Hideout - 

  • The hideout is NOT a respawn.
  • The purpose of the hide out is to drop off your gold and keep watch over it so the other team does not steal it.
  • If you come to your hideout with a dead flag and a gold bar the referee will take the gold back to the bank.

Yelling - 

  • Under NO circumstances do we want to hear players yelling at each other for not calling their hits. For example:  “I shot you, you are out.  Call your hits.” 
  • If we hear players yelling at each other we will enforce that each player go back to respawn. 

Integrity Checking - 

  • Referees will be integrity checking all players throughout the game. 
  • Referees will be 50 to 100 feet away when integrity checking. 
  • Anyone blatantly ignoring hits should be sent to staging area for time out.


8:30AM – Registration and Chrono Begins

10:30AM – Mandatory Safety Brief 

11:15 AM – Team Final Preparations

11:30 AM – Teams head to their starting point 

11:45 AM – First Half Starts  2:00 PM – Food Break

3:00 PM – Teams head to their starting point 

3:15 PM – Second Half Starts  

5:30 PM – Game Ends



• Dead Rags REQUIRED (Available for $1) 

• Full seal ANSI rated goggles & full mouth, face, and ears protection (like the mesh iron lower face masks) for players 18+ of age 

• Players under 18 must wear a full unmodified paintball mask (rentals available) 

• Minimum engagement distance =15 Feet 

• No BB requirements!

FPS Limits: 

• Automatic Weapons – 400 FPS w/ .20g BB (Minimum Engagement Distance of 15 feet) - Chronoed at 316 FPS (1.48 Joules) w/ .32BB 

• Bolt Action Sniper Rifles – 500 FPS w/ .25g BB (Minimum Engagement Distance of 100 feet) - Chronoed at 441 FPS (2.89 Joules) w/ .32BB 

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