Sat, Sep 10


Robinhood Paintball

Operation Daylight - Airsoft OP - Charity Event

Operation Daylight - Airsoft OP - Charity Event

Time & Location

Sep 10, 11:30 AM – 8:00 PM PDT

Robinhood Paintball, 2429 Old Robinhood Rd, Havre De Grace, MD 21078, USA

About the Event

Following the Events of Operation Autumn Vengeance

Fighting in Robins Haven has left the area in a state of concern. After learning that G.O.A.T. forces attempted to detonate the Light of Jethro inside the NERF base after agreeing to not attack them.  And then the overall horrendous acts of the F.O.D. Captain Simpson, temporarily removing his Rules Of Engagement, seeing that G.O.A.T. was the lesser of the two evils Captain Simpson launched an all-out assault on the eliminate them from Robins Haven. After a week of artillery and airstrikes Captain Simpson led a full assault on F.O.D.s base of operations and killed off the Lead Strategist and every member of the faction that could be found in Robins Haven.

After the onslaught of F.O.D. some of the remaining faction retreated to the west, some searched out for G.O.A.T. as the views of the F.O.D. were not their own and felt that the organization was too extreme and felt that the G.O.A.T. ideology fit them more than an extremist view.

The World Tribunal Forum has declared F.O.D. a world issue and has cultivated a world view that F.O.D. is not welcome, and the world has agreed.

Operation Daylight


N.E.R.F. Commander General Red Beard has received intelligence that G.O.A.T. forces have moved the previous device to a location close to their base of operations. The intent is to detonate the device and once and for all remove N.E.R.F. from Robins Haven. Capt. Simpson will be tasked to set out patrols to find and retrieve the device.

The N.E.R.F. base has come under intense attacks in recent months and will need to maintain security at all times. G.O.A.T. forces up to this point have infiltrated the N.E.R.F. compound on a few occasions and have made rudimentary designs providing a schematic for their base and locations of important components like communication towers, supply points, and Tactical Operations Center (TOC). N.E.R.F. has taken extreme measures to protect their Base of Operations by utilizing Gas and or Nerve agents to protect the weaker defendable sides of the base.

General Red Beard has given Capt. Simpson full authority to eliminate all threats from G.O.A.T. on their base and to make all attempts to retrieve the schematic drawings, and the device and return it to the N.E.R.F. base and prep it for exfiltration. Capt. Simpsons’ job has become easier with the acquisition of liquefied nitro to stabilize the device during storage. Gen. Red Beard has directed that the device must not be left unattended at any time and must always be secured at the Base of Operations.

N.E.R.F. numbers were decimated during Operation Autumn Vengeance and are awaiting backfill operators to strengthen their numbers.


G.O.A.T. forces have become more brazen since the incorporation of the failed F.O.D. members who have joined G.O.A.T. after the horrible attacks on civilians and/or noncombatants during Operation Autumn Vengeance. Jethro Jihad has continued to organize the forces and has been able to constantly attack the N.E.R.F. base while continuing to freely operate within Robins Haven. N.E.R.F. has mostly been restricted movement outside of their base due to the increase in manning to G.O.A.T.

Jethro Jihad has promised the detonation of the D.A.H.D. (Devils Anus Hammer Device) within the walls of the N.E.R.F. base.



NorthErn Regular Forces

N.E.R.F. will conducts area reconnaissance patrols to find the location of the D.A.H.D. and report back to the TOC so that a sizable force can recover and exfil the device to the N.E.R.F. base. N.E.R.F. must maintain security of the base at all times as the Base of Operations is not protected by the W.T.F. and can be overtaken by opposing forces. N.E.R.F. will also try to regain operational points within Robins Haven to stabilize their position on the battlefield.


Greater Opposition Alliance Troop

G.O.A.T. forces will maintain the Devils Anus Hammer Device until which time they will maneuver the device to the N.E.R.F. base to prep for detonation. G.O.A.T. will try to hold their new bases throughout Robins Haven to try to restrict the operational foothold of the N.E.R.F. within Robins Haven. G.O.A.T. will continue to attack the Base of Operations currently held by N.E.R.F..



Execution of gameplay will follow all rules and regulation set forth by Robinhood staff. Make sure that if you leave the field of play you display your dead rag/red light/assigned chemlight color. Also ensure when you reenter the game you return to your Patrol Base with dead rag/red light/assigned chemlight color exposed so you can be re inserted into the game.

Each team will have the availability to send out three (3) two-man sniper teams, prior to the start of the game. The team will be released into the field prior to the start and will be restricted to their limit of advancement and cannot fire a shot or move beyond these lines of advancement until the start of the game. Once the game starts the teams can move anywhere throughout the field. Sniper teams will be released 45 minutes prior to the game start.


NorthErn Regular Forces

N.E.R.F. will conduct recon patrols in 5 man teams or contact patrols in up to 12 man teams to locate and retrieve the D.A.H.D. and return to the Base of Operations. Concurrently N.E.R.F. will conduct base defense operations to maintain the Base of Operations located at E12. While maintaining Security and patrols, N.E.R.F. will attack any occupied bases of G.O.A.T.. N.E.R.F. will also have the option to utilize three (3) sniper teams if available.

Capt. Simpson will lead these teams from either a centralized TOC or mobile command. They will utilize recon patrols, DAM, and close security tactics during their mission.

N.E.R.F. sniper teams can be dispatched to the north and northeast. Their northern Line of advancement will be to the west following the creek to grid line 6, and the eastern line of advancement will be grid line I.


Greater Opposition Alliance Troop

G.O.A.T. forces will conduct contact patrols to eliminate N.E.R.F. combatants. Players will move the device from a safe location to the Base of Operation for N.E.R.F. in an attempt to detonate within the walls of the N.E.R.F. Base of Operations. G.O.A.T. will concurrently attack the N.E.R.F. base to try to take over the base. G.O.A.T. will also defend their occupied bases within Robins Haven using base defense tactics.

G.O.A.T. sniper teams can be dispatched to the south and east. Their southern Line of advancement will be a box design with the southern line of advancement being grid line 8 from the boundary to the creek and the eastern line of advancement will be a box design with the southern line of advancement being gridline 5 and the western line of advancement being gridline K.


Starting Point and Respawns:

Will be multi facet. There will be a respawn location at your Base of Operations. There is also a medic rule in place for this game to keep the engagements more realistic.

NERF - Blue:

Starting point – E12

Base of Operations (TOC) / Respawn – E12

GOAT - Orange:

Starting point – D3  and L7

Base of Operations (TOC) / Respawn – D3

Rules of Respawn: 15 second rule - 1st hit requires buddy aid, this means that a bu