Darkness to Sunrise – Saturday, September 19, 2020

Darkness to Sunrise – Saturday, September 19, 2020


When – Saturday, September 19, 2020
Time – 7:30 PM – 6:00 AM
Cost – $42 per person – $32 if you pre-registrar good through 9/19/2019 at 12:00PM

• Registration and Chrono – 7:30PM
• Mandatory Safety Brief – 9:00PM (It is important that everyone be at the game ON TIME and registered and chronoed before the safety brief so we can go over the ground rules and make sure everyone understands the rules and safety precautions.)
• 10:00PM – NERF heads to Insertion point. GOAT is dispersed throughout Robins Haven.
• 11:00PM – Event Begins
*Meal Break(s) to be taken at occupied Patrol Base. At your own time. Any food or water needs to be retrieved during this time and moved to your Patrol base. The event will continue in your absence.
• 5:00AM – Event ends
• 5:30AM – Giveaways/Raffles

• Dead Rags REQUIRED (Available for $1)
• Full seal ANSI rated goggles & full mouth, face, and ears protection (like the mesh iron lower face masks) for players 18+ of age
• Players under 18 must wear a full unmodified paintball mask (rentals available)
• Minimum engagement distance =15 Feet
• No BB requirements!
COVID-19 Face Covering Required in Check-in and Staging Area.

FPS Limits:
• Automatic Weapons – 400 FPS w/ .20g BB (Minimum Engagement Distance of 15 feet)
• DMR – 450 FPS w/ .20g BB (Minimum Engagement Distance of 50 feet)
• Bolt Action Sniper Rifles – 500 FPS w/ .25g BB (Minimum Engagement Distance of 100 feet)

Rental Information:
Anyone who needs rentals will need to reserve them before the day of the game so we can get prepared! YOU NEED TO RESERVE YOUR GUN AT LEAST 1 WEEK PRIOR TO THE EVENT, THERE WILL LIKELY NOT BE ANY AVAILABLE IF YOU DO NOT RESERVE A RENTAL!!!

========== MISSIONS ==========

Darkness to Sunrise – Operation Fallen Ghosts


Invading forces from North Haven are in the process of taking control of three key locations in Robins Haven over the past year. With the capture and extradition of Omar Abduhla Obama Dropcloth a.k.a. “Jeffro Jihad” the NorthErn Regular Forces (NERF) have controlled the area around Robins Haven for seven long months. The Greater Opposition Alliance Troop (GOAT) of Robins Haven have grown tired of the occupation and have been actioning small scale attacks throughout the long winter in response to the capture and torture of Jeffro Jihad. But a large scale attack is being planned since the release of JJ after The World Tribunal Forum (WTF) have ruled that the capture and subsequent torture violated the sovereignty of the Robin Havens’ leader known as Jeffro Jihad. The North Haven government does not agree with the current ruling and is agreeing to terms for the time being.

Much of the local population has given in to the continued occupation and have vacated the area due to famine, disease, and alleged murder of indigenous people by NERF. With the current state of the country and increasing scrutiny from WTF of combat actions the NERF occupation has been reduced to ease and please the hearts and minds of the local leaders and inhabitants, to show a smaller outside footprint in the country, and to draw down troops eventually leading to full withdrawal of NERF from the area.


NorthErn Regular Forces (NERF)

  1. Gain control of key positions in the area of Robins Haven. Conduct team patrols throughout the Area of Operation to find and eliminate hostile GOAT forces. Continue occupation processes to gain control of key locations to make future operations easier to conduct and resupply for NERF forces fluid.
  2. Find Omar Abduhla Obama Dropcloth a.k.a. “Jeffro Jihad” and capture if possible, kill if needed.

Greater Opposition Alliance Troop (GOAT)

  1. Continue to harass occupying forces throughout Robins Haven.
  2. Protect Jeffro Jihad at all cost and facilitate escape if necessary.
  3. Upon completion of plans for large scale coordinated attack by “JJ”, commence attack when ordered.


Execution of gameplay will follow all rules and regulation set forth by Robinhood staff. This is a fluid event, meaning it will continue even if you leave the playing field. BBs, Air, Food, and Liquids should be carried by the Player. All carried supplies should be stored at your Patrol Base to maximize time in game. You are permitted to leave to do all of the above, but your team will not be as effective without you. Make sure that if you leave the field of play you display your dead rag. Also ensure when you re enter the game you return to your Patrol Base red rag exposed so you can be re inserted into the game.


Respawns will be conducted at a centralized location for NERF. Respawns for GOAT will be by respawn points located on field. Centralized Command Points can NOT be fired upon and can NOT be taken by opposing teams.


Respawns can only be conducted from the Centralized Command Point. Forces will be released back into country only in groups of 4 from similar Patrol Bases in 15 minutes increments (top of the hour, quarter past, half past, and quarter till).

  • Example #1 – 4 people from Patrol Base 1 enter repsawn at 1:00 am, they must wait until 1:15 am to move back to their PB to resume combat actions.
  • Example # 2 – 3 people from Patrol Base 2 are in respawn, they must wait until 1 additional member from their PB enters respawn before returning to actions. If the 3 original people in the respawn are there for the designated time, as soon as the 4th member arrives they can depart.
  • Example # 3 – If at any time during respawn a designated leader from either Patrol Base enters the CCP he may take up to 5 respawning members from any Patrol Base to his occupied Patrol Base.


There will be 4 points of respawn for this team. 1 Centralized Command Point, and 3 respawn points tactically located for each Patrol Base.


Justina – Operational planner
Matt – Supply and service
Malcolm – In field Marshall
RH Referees – Kill and respawn coordination
TBD – NothErn Regular Forces (NERF) Commander
TBD – Patrol Base 1 Leader
TBD – Patrol Base 2 Leader (Team must occupy PB to be valid)
TBD – Patrol Base 3 Leader (Team must occupy PB to be valid)
Jeffro Jihad – Greater Opposition Alliance Troop (GOAT) Commander

Insertion Points:

NERF – L13
GOAT – Locates throughout AO

Channel assignment:

Command staff – Channel 1
NERF – Channels 2,3,4,5,6,
GOAT – Channels 7,8,9