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Safety Orientation & Field Rules – AIRSOFT

Safety is our primary concern at Robinhood Paintball.  The following rules below were designed to keep play safe, competitive, and enjoyable.  These rules will be discussed during the safety briefing at the field before you play.  If you have any questions, they can be addressed during the briefing or as they arise during your day of play. Following the rules is mandatory for everyone.  Have fun!

The MOST important thing is the barrel cover.

  • It must stay on your gun at all time when you are in the staging area.

  • Before you exit the field MAKE sure it goes on the end of your gun.

The SECOND MOST important thing is the mask.

  • It must stay on at all times when you are on the playing field.

  • For no reason should you lift your mask up.

  • If you have a problem with you mask, call for a ref to escort you off the playing field.

  • Full seal ANSI rated goggles & full mouth, face, and ears protection (like the mesh iron lower face masks) for players 18+ of age.

  • Players under 18 must wear a full unmodified paintball mask (rentals available).

All personal airsoft guns must be chronographed as follows:

  • Automatic Rifles: 400 FPS / 1.48 Joules w/ .20 gram BBs. 

  • Single-Shot or Bolt Action Sniper Rifles: 500 FPS  / 2.89 Joules with .25 gram BBs.

All guns must be magazine free in designated safe zone and parking areas.

  • All hand held or slung guns must be magazine free in the staging and parking lot areas.

  • Magazines should be removed from your rifles before exiting the field to the staging area.

  • Sidearms are not required to be mag free as long as they are holstered.

All guns must be safely transported.

  • All guests must transport their guns in a safe and legal manner.

  • Specifically, all guns must be carried in a soft or hard shell case suitable for real firearms until you are in the staging area. Original box is allowed!

Shooting Safety – Players may only discharge their weapons at the target range or on the playing field. No shooting into or out of the staging area, parking lot, or reinsertion waiting areas.

No blind firing.

Do not climb over or move bunkers, if you cannot step over a bunker you must walk around it.

Respect other players and your referees.  Any decision a referee makes is final and will not be discussed on the playing field. The referee will discuss any calls in a calm manner off-field after the game is over.

  • Players who are found by a referee to have violated any of the rules listed here will be asked to leave the game with no refund issued

Elimination – A player is eliminated from play if a BB strikes any part of his/her body, from the top of the head to the tips of the fingers to the bottoms of the feet, including any of equipment or gear worn. Gun hits DO NOT COUNT.

  • Airsoft is a game of HONOR and Sportsmanship. ALL players strive to exemplify fair play and call their hits, regardless of circumstance. In situations where a player is not sure, they should give their opponent the benefit of the doubt and simply call themselves out. You will not have to wait long to get back into the game if you are eliminated, so please call your hits!

Snipers – Sniper weapons must be single or bolt action rifles (gas or spring). NO SEMI-AUTOMATIC or FULL AUTO Sniper guns are allowed.

  • Minimum Engagement Distance of 100 feet from your position. 

  • A Sniper rifle must fire between 400 FPS and 500 FPS with .25 BBs.

  • The sniper’s sidearm must be a standard-class pistol or AEG firing 400 FPS with a .20 BB. This weapon must be used whenever your opponent is less than 100 feet from your position.

The minimum age to play airsoft is 10 years of age.  Those under the age of 18 must have their waiver signed by a parent or guardian

NO smoking in the staging area.  NO alcohol or illegal drugs are allowed anywhere on site.

Please place your trash in the trashcans provided.

This is a family environment – please be mindful of your language.

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