POSTPONED – BIG Airsoft GAME – Sunday, April 19, 2020

POSTPONED – BIG Airsoft GAME – Sunday, April 19, 2020

This event has been postponed until further notice due to COVID-19


When Sunday, April 19, 2020
Time – 7:30 AM – 4:00 PM
Cost – $42 per person – $32 if you pre-registrar good through 4/18/2020 at 9:00PM

• 7:30AM: Registration and Chrono
• 9:30AM: Mandatory Safety Brief – It is important that everyone be at the game ON TIME and registered and chronoed before the safety brief so we can go over the ground rules and make sure everyone understands the rules and safety precautions.
• 10:00AM: Team Head to their Starting Points
• 10:15AM: First Half Starts
• 12:30PM: First Half Ends
• 12:30PM: Lunch Break
• 2:00 PM: Lunch Ends
• 2:00PM: Team Head to their Starting Points
• Second Half Starts
• 4:00PM: Second Half Ends & GIVEAWAYS!


• Dead Rags REQUIRED (Available for $1)
• Full seal ANSI rated goggles & full mouth, face, and ears protection (like the mesh iron lower face masks) for players 18+ of age
• Players under 18 must wear a full unmodified paintball mask (rentals available)
• Minimum engagement distance =15 Feet
• No BB requirements!

FPS Limits:
• Automatic Weapons – 400 FPS w/ .20g BB (Minimum Engagement
Distance of 15 feet)
• DMR – 450 FPS w/ .20g BB (Minimum Engagement Distance of 50
• Bolt Action Sniper Rifles – 500 FPS w/ .25g BB (Minimum
Engagement Distance of 100 feet)

Rental Information:
Anyone who needs rentals will need to reserve them before the day of the game so we can get prepared! YOU NEED TO RESERVE YOUR GUN AT LEAST 1 WEEK PRIOR TO THE EVENT, THERE WILL LIKELY NOT BE ANY AVALIABLE IF YOU DO NOT RESERVE A RENTAL!!!

========== MISSIONS ==========


Robinhood needs your HELP!  The field is being overtaken by an unknown organism and the only way to stop it from multiplying is to blow up the source.  Unfortunately the key to the bomb has been locked in the Elite Force Bank vault and the only way to unlock the vault is to decode the computer.


  • Decode the Vault Computer & Blow the Bomb
    • Scrap computer parts have been spewed across RHPB, these parts will decode the vault (monitor, motherboard, battery, keyboard, mouse, charger, HDMI cable). Each team will be told how many of each part they will need to find.  There is a catch, your team will first have to figure out the riddle to know how many of each part you need to find.
    • Each team will be given approximate coordinates of where to find the computer parts.
    • Once you have all your parts take them to the property manager (Malcolm). He will give you the code to the bank vault.
    • Once the bank vault is unlocked you will find the key to the bomb and coordinates to locate it.

Side Missions:

  • Vault Smith Truck
    • The Vault Smith is trying to make it to the bank to decode the vault computer but he keeps getting lost. His truck is full of spare computer parts, so keep an eye out for him.
    • Turn in a spare part at the end of each half and receive a raffle ticket. One per person.
    • Be careful, he is armed and not afraid to shoot.
  • Gold
    • For some reason there is loose gold inside the bank. Turn in a gold brick at the end of each half and receive a raffle ticket.  One per person.

More Details:

  • Starting Point
    • Each team will have a starting point that will also act as a respawn.
    • The purpose of the starting point is to drop off your computer parts and keep watch over them.
    • If you come to your starting point with a dead flag and a computer part the referee will take the computer part from you.
  • Respawns
    • Respawns can be used by any team
    • Respawns are touch and go. Don’t stand around the respawn unless you are okay with getting shot at constantly. You CANNOT shoot from the respawn.  You must be outside of the 30 foot radius before you resume play.
  • Yelling
    • Under NO circumstances do we want to hear players yelling at each other for not calling their hits. For example:  “I shot you, you are out.  Call your hits.”
    • If we hear players yelling at each other we will enforce that each player go back to respawn.
  • Integrity Checking
    • Referees will be integrity checking all players throughout the game.
    • Referees will be 50 to 100 feet away when integrity checking.
    • Anyone blatantly ignoring hits should be sent to staging area for time out.